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SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH
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SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH
overview testing and certification
testing and certification of the safety of devices, machines, medical devices and play and sports equipment

EMC - electromagnetic compatibility

Testing and certification of product properties, such as durability, fitness for use, environmental compatibility and others

testing and certification of the products' resistance against environmental impacts

testing and certification of noise insulation and acoustics, noise and vibrations

Chemical analyses of products

Design and construction of customised test equipment

Calibration of measurement equipment

certification of QM and QA systems

Factory inspections, pre-shipment inspections

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Overview of our website

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Main subject areas

Product Groups  
  Body care
  Building services
  Children / Sports
  Consumer electronics
  Garden / Leisure
  Industrial electronics
  Lamps / Luminaires
  Lasers / LEDs
  Machinery / Installations
  Medical / X-ray equipment
  Tools / Workshop
  Vehicles and vehicle components

Accreditations /Competences  
  Testing centres/certification centres/test marks
  CB test and certification centre
  GS test and certification centre
  CE test and certification centre
  Other test and certification centres
  Accreditation certificates

  SLG International
  Contact Persons
  Contact/Contact form

  News & Dates
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  Certificate information
  Misuse certificates and test marks
  How you find us

Contact Persons  
Test and Certification

  Medical devices
Quality assurance
  Toys, play and sports equipment
Children's furniture
Sports equipment
Play equipment, children's playground
Lasers and LEDs
Radiation protection

Standardization work
CE tests
Motor vehicles and rail
Notified Body
EMC and environment

  Energy label
Our test capacities
Energy label - fridge
Energy label - air conditioners
  Function tests
  Environmental compatibility
  Technical tests
  Durability tests
  Handling tests

Environmental Simulation  
  Temperature and climate tests
  Vibration and shock tests
  Mechanical tests
  Degree of protection tests(IP code)
  Leakage tests
Test Qd
Test Qm
Test Qf
Test Ql
Test Rc 2
  Corrosion, low pressure, UV light

Sound Insulation /Acoustics  
  Environmental simulation
  Building and room acoustics

Chemical Analytics  

Test Equipment Construction  
  Electricity/water supply
  Universal measuring equipment


QM and QA Systems  

SLG international

our form download centre

SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH
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