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Certification according to ISO 9001

Standard ISO 9001 provides guidelines for quality management systems and is acknowlegded worldwide.

A certification according to ISO 9001 shows your customers and stakeholders that operational processes within your company are efficiently planned and well documented. Analysis during the certification process can also uncover opportunities to improve operational processes. And last but not least: You can demonstrate your quality awareness to your customers and raise their confidence in your products and services.

Certification procedure

1. Briefing
In a kick-off meeting, our auditors prepare a time schedule with you and answer questions a bout the certification procedure.

2. Examination of your QM documents
We analyse your existing QM documents based on normative guidelines.

3. Company audit
Our auditors check the implementation of your QM system at your premises. The audit results and advice for potentially optimising operational processes are documented in an audit report.

4. Awarding the certificate
After a successful audit, we issue a certificate confirming that your company's QM system complies with ISO 9001. In addition, your company is awarded our ISO 9001 mark which can be used for advertising your certified sustainibility.

5. Annual control audits
During the three-year period your certificate is valid for, our auditors check the continious implementation and optimisation of your QM system.

6. Renewal of your certification
With a renewal of your certification before it expires after three years, you demonstrate the continuous optimisation of your company's operational processes to your customers and stakeholders.




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