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Mark catalogue

The following list gives you an overview of possible marks. 

CE marking

CE marking with number of the Notified Body

Contrary to the CE without ID number, which every manufacturer marketing his products in the EU, places on his product without involving a notified body, the CE mark with number is used for marking a product after a successful conformity assessment according to relevant European directives by a notified body.

Marks for products

GS mark

The GS mark documents the compliance of a product with requirements of the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG). Besides a passed type test, a positive factory inspection is also mandatory for a GS certification. 

Type tested

The mark "Type tested" is comparable to the GS mark, but is mainly awarded to devices and components not ready for use. Just like the GS it also involves a factory inspection. 

EMC tested

We award the SLG EMC mark to products complying with the requirements of relevant standards for electromagnetic compatibility.

Tested Toy

"Tested Toy" proves the compliance of a toy with the EU Toy Safety Directive and relevant harmonised standards. The mark is based on SLG test plans and involves a factory surveillance.   

SLG tested

"SLG tested" is awarded to products fulfilling relevant requirements regarding safety or other product characteristics. The tests are performed according to SLG test plans on the basis of relevant European standards. Additionally, a factory inspection is conducted. All tested product characteristics are shown on the test mark.

Tested for harmful substances

"Tested for harmful substances" can be used for products meeting the relevant legal limit values for harmful substances and furthermore limit values determined by consumer protection for further critical substances. This mark also requires a factory inspection.

Usability tested

Our mark "Usability tested" (fitness for use tested) is awarded to products scoring a "very good" or "good" in the fitness-for-use test and furthermore, meeting all product safety requirements. The tests are performed according to product-specific SLG test plans.  

SLG mark for single product characteristics

Our quality marks underline single product characteristics. They are awarded on the basis of corresponding partial tests and evaluation according to SLG scales. The quality marks are only issued in case of good or very good test results. 

Sound Quality (Soundlabel)

For evaluating the sound quality of household appliances we created our own mark and defined corresponding criteria. The subjective sound perception and objective values are both considered for the rating. 

Marks for QM systems

QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001

This mark can be used by companies whose QM system meets the requirements of the internationally acknowledged standard DIN EN ISO 9001. The certification is based on audits and document checks and involves an annual surveillance. The mark may be used for advertising but not in connection with products.

QM system according to DIN EN ISO 13485

DIN EN ISO 13485 applies for the medical devices sector. Our mark shows the conformity of your QM system with this standard. It may be used for advertising but not in connection with products.


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