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Misuse of SLG certificates / test marks

Please find below information about cases of misuse of SLG test marks and forged SLG certificates.

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Company Product Types Misuse Publication
Ningbo Tongrun Lighting Co. Ltd. Gartenleuchten /Outdoor fixed luminaires verschiedene /several Fälschung eines Konformitätszertifikates /Falsification of conformity certificate 2012-10
Hellweg Einkaufsgesellschaft m.b.H. Ortsfeste Leuchte / Fixed luminaire Lilia 2tlg. Art.-Nr. 560550 Unrechtmäßige Anbringung des GS-Zeichens auf einer Verpackung / Illegal GS marking on packaging 2013-06
nicht zu ermitteln / not to detect Steckdosenleisten / Socket outlets Zhongya ZY-10 Unrechtmäßige Anbringung des GS-Zeichens / Illegal GS marking 2013-08
Fenet Oy Leuchte mit Lichterkette / Luminaire with ligthing chain 76124/NL-201-10L Unrechtmäßige Anbringung des GS-Zeichens / Illegal GS marking 2014-03
Dan Yang Ming An Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Elektronischer Transformator MAID-0360700 Unrechtmäßige Anbringung des GS-Zeichens / Illegal GS marking 2015-03
Yongjia Jialong Electric Co.Ltd Gummi-Befestigungsbänder / Elastic strap 2pc 150cm - 4006150 Unrechtmäßige Anbringung des GS-Zeichens / Illegal GS marking 2016-03

Misuse of certificates / test marks: How to identify forged documents

Please note the following points when scrutinising documents:

  • Verify that the issuing body exists in case the body is unknown to you.
  • Check the expertise of the issuing body, i.e. by checking their accreditation documents.
  • Is the information given consistent?
  • Is the certificate signed?
  • On the certificate, is a reference document mentioned, such as a test report? - If so, request the test report and check the test details.
  • Check the validity of the certificate!

Furthermore, reputable certification bodies offer their customers to check the validity of a certificate. Look  for online databases or contact forms on their website or contact them by email, fax or post. You should receive a prompt response, normally within 24 hours.


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