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Product certification

By awarding a certificate we proof as an independent third party that your product complies with certain legal requirements and standards as well as with test standards developed in-house. Certified products can increase the customer's confidence in your product.

In order to qualify for a certificate, your product must successfully pass all tests according to a specifically designed test programme and evaluation criteria. Additionally, further documents might be needed before a certificate can be awarded, e.g. a successful factory inspection would be needed for awarding a GS mark.

Product certificates are awarded on a national, European or international level. As an example the GS mark is a German test mark which is awarded according to requirements defined in the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

A list of SLG marks is available in our Mark catalogue.

We provide information on certification programmes on request.


SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH prepares project-related quotations based on specific client requests and on necessary information provided for the intended project. SLG's quotations usually state end prices which are based amongst others on hourly rates for services provided by SLG's employees. The hourly rates are either stated in the quotation or communicated on request. Depending on the certification programme maintaining a certification may involve costs for surveillance measures. These costs are disclosed to the client in the corresponding quotation.


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