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SLG quality marks

Promote excellent features of your products with an SLG quality mark.

SLG quality mark "Usability tested"

Functionality, handling and durability are important product characteristics consumers look at before making a buying decision. Therefore, we have developed specific  test programmes for garden and outdoor equipment to thoroughly examine their performance characteristics. Separate evalutions for functionality, handling and durability are then incorporated into an overall  SLG FFU rating - ranging on a five-tier scale from VERY GOOD to VERY POOR.

For a product achieving VERY GOOD or GOOD in the SLG FFU overall rating, the manufacturer may apply for the right to use the SLG test mark "Fit for use". However, the test mark shall only be awarded if the product meets all safety standards legally required.

SLG quality marks for outstanding product characteristics

Highlight outstanding characteristics of your product with an SLG quality mark.

For instance, we test vacuum cleaners for characteristics such as their dust retaining capability, the degree of removing dust and noise emissions according to test programmes designed in-house. Depending on test results, we award a four or five star quality mark.

Great sound - SLG quality mark "Sound quality"

"Show" your customer great sound!

The The SLG mark "Sound quality" has been developed to establish a relation between actual sound measurements and the individual perception of sound emitted by household appliances.

To determine the noise classification of an appliance, a range of measurements is taken. Thus, the sound levels of different appliances are comparable and can be made visible.

The SLG test mark catalogue contains further marks such as "EMC tested", "Tested toy" or "Tested for harmful substances".


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