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SLG's testing laboratory successfully reaccreadited by DAkkS

Scope extensions in the fields of energy efficiency, measurement of performance characteristics and medical devices

SLG's testing laboratory was successfully reaccredited by the German Accreditation Body, DAkkS, and at the same time our accredited scope of testing extended in various fields - in particular energy efficiency testing, measurement of performance charactersitics and medical devices testing.

Our current DAkkS accreditation (registration number D-PL-15110-01-02) covers the following fields of testing:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC),
  • Radio,
  • Environmental simulation,
  • Electrical equipment,
  • Toys,
  • Measurement of performance charactersitics / energy efficiency,
  • Noise and vibration measurements,
  • Chemical tests,
  • Machinery.

The DAkkS accreditation certificate and the corresponding annex to the certificate for SLG's testing laboratory are available for download on our website as well as on the official DAkkS website.

In case of questions, please feel free to contact us: Mirko Brunner, email , phone +49 3722 7323-740