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GENERIC48V project

SLG is a partner in the joint project "GENERIC48V". Together with other regional and national companies and institutions, we work on developing a Light Electric Vehicle LEV with the objective of obtaining approval for use on public roads. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

SLG will mainly be involved in the areas of battery testing and EMC testing as well as collecting legal and normative requirements prior to licensing the LEV.

As described in the project outline of Areus Engineering GmbH for LEV featuring a 48V on-board power supply "a new, integrated electronics design" will be developed as well as "an undercarriage [...] efficient and immune to electromagnetic disturbances. This undercarriage for three-wheeled as well as four-wheeled LEVs should then ensure an improved electromagnetic compatibility of the whole system." 



The Blue Angel for e-bikes

Since summer 2015 manufacturers of electric bikes are able to apply for the German environmental label "The Blue Angel". Basic award criteria have been specified on "The Blue Angel" website.
We can provide you with all the tests you need to comply with the basic award criteria.


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