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Energy efficiency of lamps

Energy efficiency requirements for lamps are regulated by the European directive 2010/30/EU and corresponding regulations (e.g. 874/2012). They include the need for labelling products and a duty for manufacturers to inform consumer about energy consumption and performance. An energy efficiency rating shall allow the customer to make an informed purchasing decision. Currently, the EU energy label for lamps and luminaires encompasses energy efficiency ratings ranging from A++ to E. 

Ratings A+ and A++ are awarded to very energy efficient luminaires, such as LEDs and energy saving lamps. Energy efficient halogen lamps emitting directional light receive a B rating, those emitting non-directional light receive a C rating. Light bulbs which carried a D rating, have been gradually removed from the European markets.

Ecodesign of lamps and luminaires

Improving energy efficiency should already be considered during the design stage of a product. Therefore, the EU directive 2009/125/EC - Ecodesign of energy related products - has been introduced. Again, it is implemented by EU regulations (e.g. 874/2012, 1194/2012 or 244/2009) which define minimum requirements for the design of lamps and luminaires, e.g. a minimum lamp lifetime. Our engineers examine whether those requirements are complied with.

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