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Certificates awarded for toys, items for children & children's furniture

  • GS mark
  • EC type test certificate according to Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC
  • Certificate of compliance with protection objectives of relevant EU directives
  • SLG mark "TYPE tested"
  • SLG mark "Tested toy"
  • SLG quality mark "Tested for harmful substances"
  • SLG mark "SLG tested"

For further information on our marks, please consult our mark catalogue.

SLG quality marks for toys and child safety

SLG quality marks can highlight the excellent properties of your products and ensure your customers' confidence. We award quality marks

  • "Tested Toy" - to products which comply with the EU Toy Safety Directive
  • "SLG tested" - to products which comply with the relevant safety and chemical requirements.

Before our quality marks are awarded, we examine every product based on SLG test programmes, developed taking into account all relevant legal requirements. If all tests have been successfully passed, a certificate will be issued and you will be entitled to use the SLG quality marks until the certificate's expiry date.


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