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Changes of various standards for toy testing

The transitional period for the new versions of DIN EN 71-1, DIN EN 71-8 and DIN EN 71-14 ends in each case on February 27, 2019, i.e. the new requirements become binding for the conformity assessment of relevant products by February 28, 2019.

The following lists give an overview of important changes:

DIN EN 71-1:2018-08 (EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018)– Mechanical and physical properties of toys

Especially for projectile toys, toys with rolls and flying toys as well as for cords and drawstrings numerous requirements were revised, amended or added: 

  • Revision of requirements for projectile toys
  • Amendment of requirements for toys with rolls
  • Amendment of requirements for flying toys including requirements for rotors, propellers and certain remotely controlled flying toys
  • Revision of requirements for cords
  • Revision of warnings for projectile toys, toys with cords and chains for children of 18 months and over, but under 36 months
  • New requirements on warnings for toys intended to be attached to or strung across a cradle, cot, or perambulator, sledges with cords, flying toys and improvised projectiles
  • Revision of the tension test
  • Change of test loads for toy scooters
  • Revision of tests for length of cords, chains and electrical cables
  • New test for evaluating the capability of two cords or chains to become entangled
  • Determination of shooting range of projectiles, evaluation of the impact area of projectiles and flying toys and length of projectiles with suction cup

DIN EN 71-8:2018-03 (EN 71-8:2018) – Activity toys for domestic use

The following points were revised:

  • Requirements in 4.3.1 regarding entrapment of head and neck
  • New requirements for slides
  • Requirements regarding the impact, geometry and design of swing elements
  • Warnings, markings and instructions for paddling pools
  • Number of users on slides and stability test
  • Test for entrapment of head and neck
  • Toggle test

DIN EN 71-14:2017-11 (EN 71-14:2014+A1:2017) – Trampolines for domestic use

  • Revision of mat deflation test
  • New test of upholstery and crushing and jamming risks

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