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Noise protection, building and room acoustics

Our services:

  • Sound level measurements
  • Noise immission forecasts
  • Determining relevant sound sources and paths of sound transmission using problem-oriented measurement methods
  • Preparing noise reduction programmes
  • Developing noise abatement programmes
  • Creating noise maps acc. to § 47c BImSchG
  • Consultations during the planning stage of new buildings and renovation projects as well as during the construction process and determination of sound insulation requirements
  • Preparing expert opinions on constructional sound insuation (sound insulation certificates as per VDI 4100 and DIN 4109)
  • Measurements for evaluating existing construction units (walls, ceilings, doors, windows, roofs, installation noise), measurement of airborne sound and impact noise insulation
  • Room acoustics planning of lecture halls, conference rooms, sports and multipurpose halls, auditoriums
  • Determining objective acoustic characteristics of rooms, e.g. reverberation time, sound strength, clarity, spaciousness
  • Detection of noise sources with an acoustic camera

Our fields of activity:

  • Industrial and commercial noise
  • Low-frequency noise (e.g. biogas plants, combined heat and power plants, heat pumps, thermal power plants)
  • Noise from sports and leisure areas and shooting noise
  • Traffic and railway noise
  • Construction noise
  • Passive noise protection (24. BImSchV)
  • Building and room acoustics
  • Noise at work
  • Urban planning
  • Special projects

Our expertise:

  • Notified measuring body for noise emissions and immissions according to the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) §29b (TA Lärm) throughout Germany
  • Mr. Lothar Förster: publicly appointed and sworn expert (by IHK Südwestsachsen) for noise immission protection

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Erik Schädlich

+49 3722 7323-750