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Construction of test equipment

Based on our long-term experience in testing and in particular, customer-specific tests, we develop and manufacture test equipment in compliance with the relevant standards for a variety of applications. Customers worldwide appreciate the quality and reliability of our test equipment.

Our services:

  • Concept and development
  • Planning and construction
  • Delivery and commissioning
  • Calibration and service

Fields of application of our test equipment

  • Endurance and life-cycle tests
    test equipment for endurance tests of tools, electric components, household appliances and their parts such as magnetic valves, motor units, sealing gaskets, vacuum cleaner nozzles ...
  • Performance
    test equipment for determining and evaluating performance characteristics such as air data, emissions and surface temperatures, e.g. for vacuum cleaners, irons, tumble dryers and cooker hoods
  • Power supply and test water preparation
    facilities providing media with defined, standardised properties for different fields of testing
  • Universal measurement technology
    measurement technology for determining electrical parameters, pressures and temperatures for individual test programmes