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Test stands for vacuum cleaners

SLG is official manufacturer of test stands according to DIN EN and IEC 60312, respectively, and official distributor of Wilton test carpets.

WG3 carpet beating machine

The carpet beating machine is designed for conditioning test carpets used for dust removal tests of vacuum cleaners. 

It complies with the requirements of IEC 60312.

WG3 test stand for determining the performance characteristics of vacuum cleaners

We construct this test stand in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60312. The following measurements can be performed:

  • Dust removal from carpets with maximum and reduced power
  • Dust removal from floor crevices
  • Determination of motion resistance of vacuum cleaners
  • Specific energy consumption

Reference vacuum box RSB

The reference vacuum box is a measurement system for continuously recording and displaying parameters relevant for dust removal similar to vacuum cleaners:

  • Power input
  • Relative pressure in the dust bag compartment
  • Rotational speed of fan motor
  • Rotational speed of brush bar

Emission test stand

Test stand for analysing the exhaust air of household appliances

  1. For cooker hoods according to DIN EN 61591
  2. For vacuum cleaners for household and commercial use with 1~ or 3~ power supply or battery-powered according to IEC 60312
  3. For tumble dryers

Tests performed

  • Function test
  • Measurement of power parameters P1, P2, efficiency, vacuum
  • Measurement of dust load
  • Measurement of rotational speed, temperatures, flow losses
  • Measurement of tightness of appliance

Air data test stand


The test stand for determining the air data of mains- and battery-powered vacuum cleaners as well as of robot vacuum cleaners has been developed in accordance with IEC 60312.

Test parameters:


  • Air volume
  • Air power
  • Pressure in the measuring chamber
  • Differential pressure
  • Electrical power
  • Efficiency
  • Temperatures
  • Rotational speed of motor fan units (optional)

Other test stands for vacuum cleaners

Hose bending test stand
Test stand for mechanical endurance test of vacuum cleaner hoses

Threshold and door post test stand
Test stand according to IEC 60312 for mechanical endurance testing of vacuum cleaners simulating the movement over a threshold or bumping into a door post

Tumbling barrel
Tumbling barrel test equipment according to IEC 60312 for impact tests on vacuum cleaner accessories or according to IEC 60068 for electric appliances and components