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Test stands for laundry care appliances

Heating test stand for magnetic valves

Heating test on up to ten magnetic valves as per EN 60335

Test parameters:

  • Function
  • Resistance heating
  • Coil heating
  • Operating voltage

Test stands for irons

Test stands for the following measurements according to DIN EN 60311 are available for irons: 

  • Temperature distribution on the iron soleplate
  • Gliding ability of the iron soleplate
  • Determination of steam amount
  • Hardness of iron sole plate - scratch resistance

Test stand for gaskets

Test stand for determining the visco-elastic properties of gaskets used in washing machines under pre-defined forced vibrations

Setting options:

  • Travel/amplitude
  • Frequency
  • Displacement of test planes

Universal test stand for washing machines, washer-dryers, tumble dryers and dishwashers


Test programmes configurated by the operator run automatically as a single or continuous test.  
The measurement system can be connected to sensors for the following measurements:

  • Flow rate for warm and cold water
  • Current, voltage, power, low power
  • Voltage on internal components, e.g. magnetic valves
  • Speed and direction of rotation
  • Water temperatures
  • Stability in X- and Y-direction

Endurance test stand for magnetic valves

Test of up to six magnetic valves as used in household appliances

Test parameters:

  • Function
  • Opening and closing times
  • Flow rates