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EMC testing on medical devices

We check the electromagnetic compatibility of components, devices and systems for medical applications. In our 10 m semi-anechoic chamber we can test products of large sizes and up to weights of 15 t.

We test general medical devices, x-ray equipment including radiation protection requirements, gamma and laser devices, medical devices with intended HF appliactions, short-wave therapy devices,  defibrillators and respiratory devices among others.

Our services:

  • Preliminary talks with the customer regarding classification and testing of medical equipment
  • Designing test plans, EMC guidelines and risk assessments according to requirements of current EMC standards for medical devices
  • If necessary, consultations with SLG notified body according to Medical Device Directive
  • EMC testing according to EN 60601-1-2 and relevant collateral standards of standard series EN or ISO 60601-2-xx 
  • Issuing of CB test reports and CB certificates