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Energy efficiency

The Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30/EU and related delegated EU regulations determine labelling requirements for different product groups.

We perform all measurements required for the EU energy label for the following product groups subject to labelling obligations:

• cooker hoods• room air conditioners
• flow heaters• vacuum cleaners
• electric ovens• tumble dryers
• dishwashers• washing machines
• refrigerators and freezers• washer-dryers
• lamps• luminaires

EU energy label

The EU energy label gives information regarding the energy consumption and depending on the kind of appliance also on the consumption of other ressources as well as on further performance characteristics of large household appliances. It has been introduced to promote the sale of energy-efficient appliances. The energy label must be visible at the point of sale of a product so consumer have the chance to compare different products and get support for their buying decision. 

Information on the energy label on the example of cooling appliances:


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