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Dynamic-mechanical tests

In each phase of their life cycle - manufacture, transport, use - products are exposed to dynamic-mechanical stresses which may impair their function, reliability and safety. 

We analyse the effects of vibrations, shocks and impacts on devices and components. In life-cycle tests we expose products to permanent stresses in order to detect possible material and functional alterations. 

We perform the following kinds of dynamic-mechanical tests:

  • Vibration and shock
  • Impact
  • Fall and tumbling barrel tests

    • free fall
    • drop
    • topple

  • Combined tests, i.e. mechanical stresses under defined climatic conditions
  • Detection of background noise: tests for undesired noise such as squeaking, rattling, cracking and creaking under defined vibration conditions, especially for the automotive sector
  • Mechanical stress tests and endurance tests

Our laboratories:

  • Vibration and shock test equipment with slip table and climatic chamber for simulating different thermal and climatic conditions