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Degree of protection (IP code)

The IP code indicates the degree of protection provided by the enclosure of an electrical product against the ingress of solid foreign objects such as human body parts, tools or dust, against access to hazardous parts and against the ingress of water. The numeral code thus provides information on personal and functional protection and also on medium- and long-term functional safety of an electrical device.

We perform tests for the degree of protection according to IEC/EN/DIN EN 60529, ISO 20653, IEC/EN/DIN EN 60034-5 and DIN 40050 part 9

  • IP 0X ... IP 6X protection against access to hazardous parts and protection against ingress of solid objects (dust)
  • IP X0 ... IP X8 protection against ingress of water
  • IP X9 nach IEC/EN/DIN EN 60529 (hot-water high-pressure cleaning)

We also provide combined tests of different IP codes. 

and special IP code tests according to ISO 20653 and DIN 40050 part 9

  • IP X4K (splash water with increased pressure) and IP X9K (hot-water high-pressure cleaning) as well as IP 5KX and IP 6KX (protection against ingress of dust), especially for products for automotive applications

In case of a positive test result we issue a corresponding IP code certificate. 

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