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Temperature tests and climatic simulation

By simulating different temperature and climatic conditions it is possible to check as early as in the development stage whether a device or component will work reliably in its future operating environment. 

Beyond that, we also simulate in our laboratories thermal and climatic incidents more severe than normally occur, e.g. with the two-chamber thermal shock procedure in order to prove the excellent performance and operational safety of a device or component.

Temperature and climatic simulation are also used to accelerate the ageing process during life-cycle testing.

Our services:

  • Temperature and climatic tests 
    e.g. according to standard series IEC/EN/DIN EN 60068-2 and ISO/DIN ISO 9022-2
  • 2-chamber thermal shock procedure
  • Combined tests: mechanical stresses under defined climatic conditions
  • Tests on the basis of customer-specific standards and test plans
  • Adjustment of test parameters according to customer requirements

Our laboratories:

  • Temperature and climatic test chambers with volumes from 100 litres up to 6 m³
  • Temperature ranges from -75 °C to +180 °C or +300 °C
  • Temperature changes up to 15 K/min
  • Temperature shock in 2-chamber thermal shock procedure with transition times > 20 s

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René Schubert

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