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Accreditations / Notifications / Authorisations

Our test laboratories and certification body are monitored by independent higher authorities and institutions. Please find below a list of confirmation of our competences:

Product testing

  • DAkkS accreditation certificate for SLG's testing body
    for the fields of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio testing, environmental simulation, electrical equipment, toys, fitness for use/energy efficiency, noise and vibration measurements, chemical analytics, machinery
    (DAkkS - Germany's National Accreditation Body)
    Annex to certificate
    Note: SLG's testing body has an accreditation with flexible scope for the above mentioned testing fields, i.e. is permitted under certain conditions to perform accredited tests according to standard editions not yet listed in the certificate's annex. Therefore, please contact us if you do not find the standard edition you are looking for in our "annex to certificate".   
  • DAkkS accreditation certificate for tests within the scope of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
    for safety and EMC testing of active medical devices and IVD devices
    (DAkkS - Germany's National Accreditation Body)
    Annex to certificate

Product certification


SLG's notified bodies

testing and certification, e.g. verification of conformity with objectives of European directives for CE marking

CB Scheme

Quality Management Systems

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